10 Of The Best Craft Coffee Shops To Start Your Morning Off Right

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10 Of The Best Craft Coffee Shops To Start Your Morning Off Right

Monday mornings just got a little easier.

Craft coffee is having its moment, and we’re not surprised. The soft chatter of people working, the clinking of silverware, and the smell of coffee are all beloved stapes of a great coffee shop atmosphere. (Boy, do we miss that). But then, when you pair that with some dang good coffee, full of flavor notes and profiles or rich espresso poured over with milk in a cute tulip or swan design, nothing really compares. So, here’s 10 of our favorite craft coffee shops that you’ll want to make your second home.

1. Astro Coffee

Astro Coffee, a staple among craft coffee shops, has moved locations and is currently doing take away at their roastery location over on Grand River, which is directly across from their bakery, so you can get a homemade sweet treat alongside your coffee. Enjoy a delicious batch brew or maybe an espresso drink, like a latte or cappuccino

Where: 4884 Grand River Ave Unit 1A, Detroit, MI 48208

2. Dessert Oasis

If you want a trained barista making you a lovingly hand-crafted latte or pour over made from ethically sourced roasters, then come check out Dessert Oasis. They have a limited menu with batch brew, cortados (which is a small drink with equal amounts of espresso and milk), espresso, and rotating pour overs, but they’ve also got some lattes with house-made flavors for anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth. No matter what you get, it’ll be good.

Where: 1220 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226

3. Red Hook

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If you’re a fan of equally yummy lattes and pastries, then come to Red Hook, where you can pair a hot latte with a delicious home-made donut in a variety of flavors. Their pastries change daily and are available up until they’re sold out, so try to come early to get the most options to choose from. They’ve got a variety of drinks to choose from like Cold Brew, Chai, Espresso Tonics, and even Charcoal Lattes.

Where: 8025 Agnes St, Detroit, MI 48214

4. Anthology Coffee

Anthology coffee is a minimal, industrial style warehouse that’s re-opened its doors recently to serve their own-roasted beans in a bigger space. Their coffee, a favorite in Detroit, is sourced from different regions around the world and roasted to perfection. Their online menu also sells some of their bags of beans which they roast and sell fresh monthly.

Where: 1948 Division St, Detroit, MI 48207

5. Roasting Plant

Roasting Plant is a roastery meets cafe spreading across different cities, with one such location residing in Detroit. The cafe is small, serving up traditional lattes, batch brew coffee, and teas. Their online menu also has an extensive list of roasted beans, each categorized in their different flavor profiles: full-bodied and & bold, balanced & bright, and mild & sweet, so there’s something for every palette.

Where: 660 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

6. Great Lakes Coffee

Great Lakes has got quite a few locations, from rustic to minimal, but the closest ones to Metro Detroit are their Midtown and TFC Center locations. The Midtown location sits at the corner of one of the most vibrants streets in Midtown and serves up carefully roasted and brewed coffee and espresso beverages. They’ve got their brewing selection online and if you sign up for their newsletter, so if you’re interested in their coffee news, check out their website.

Where: 2489 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

7. Germack

Germack’s had its roots in Detroit since 1924, where it started as a family owned cafe whose claim to fame was being the first place to import and roast pistachio nuts in America. Now, they’re roasting their own nuts, seeds, and coffee in the Eastern Market District. If they’re online bean menu is an indication of what their menu will taste like, then you will probably end up with a quality cup of coffee.

Where: 2517 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

8. New Order

New Order’s cafe may be closed, but they’re still doing online sales of their roasted coffee that you can get delivered to your door to brew and enjoy from home. They’re selling a variety of flavorful sounding beans, like their Latin American blend, “Crush” with notes of milk chocolate, berry cordial, and sweet cream. For something more subtle, they also have an Ethiopia with flavor notes of raisins, milk chocolate, and blueberry muffin called the “Ethiopia Tappie.” Their beans are here so you can shop for your perfect brew.

9. Milwaukee Caffe

Located on Milwaukee junction in Detroit is Milwaukee Caffe, another cafe serving up traditional coffees. Their menu is limited with espresso, macchiatos, cappuccinos, cortados, lattes, and mochas, all available with alternative milks. Usually simpler menus mean the baristas have practiced these drinks to perfection, so you can get a quality beverage every time. They’re also using a variety of different roasters, local and not, so go ahead and give them a try if you’re intrigued.

Where: 447 E Milwaukee Ave, Detroit, MI 48202, United States

10. Ashe Supply Co.

Their motto comes down to good adventures and good coffee and a brew that anyone can enjoy. Their roast philosophy comes down to ensuring sustainably and ethically origins for their beans. They serve pour overs, batch brews, lattes, and cold brew, plus their online menu has bags of beans that you can buy and enjoy from home.

Where: 1555 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226


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