This Detroit Nurse Made Her State Proud at National ‘COVID’ Remembrance

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This Detroit Nurse Made Her State Proud at National ‘COVID’ Remembrance

A video of nurse Lori Marie Key singing ‘Amazing Grace’ to her coworkers went viral. Now she’s singing it at the National COVID Remembrance.


Source: PBS News Hour


“Its an honor to be with you, and with President Elect Biden,” Fellow Detroit nurse Lori Marie Key said with a smile as she peered back at Biden. Many cities like Detroit, where the community is predominantly Black,  worked towards winning Biden the election, where his inauguration would take place on January 20th 2021. January 19th served as the national COVID remembrance, where President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris stood in somber solidarity to the lives lost, with a toll that is still rising.

“Working as a COVID nurse was heartbreaking,” she continued. “Its heartbreaking for the patients who are sick, it was heartbreaking for the families who couldn’t be there with them, and it was heartbreaking for those caring for them. But when I’m at work, I sing.”

A video of Key singing ‘amazing grace’ to fellow nurses at St. Mary Mercy hospital to inspire them during their long and strenuous shifts. The video went viral, and she was later interviewed by ABC news. “We try to promote spiritual healing,” she said during the interview when asked why she decided to start singing during that shift change.

“It gives me strength during difficult times, and I believe it helps heal,” she said before she began singing front of Biden, Harris, and the world. For a nation that is healing from the events over the last few years, it was fitting to see the beautiful rendition from Key.

source: twitter / @Limmered

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