This Unique Döner Kebab And Seafood Spot Just Landed In Corktown

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This Unique Döner Kebab And Seafood Spot Just Landed In Corktown

Bring on the kebabs and tinned fish!

The brainchild of Two James Distillery owner David Landrum, Supergeil — which means “super cool” or “super hot” in German — is a super-unique new restaurant in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. Based on the trending döner kebab, it offers a kebab, gin, and tinned fish-focused menu. Its Facebook page describes the offerings simply: Döner. Wine & Beer. Gin & Tins. Market.

To get more technical, Supergeil specializes in Berlin-style döner kebab sandwiches (offered in lamb & beef, chicken, or eggplant) in addition to tinned seafood like tuna, mackerel, and mussels served with bread and accoutrements, and cocktails (with a special focus on gin and tonics). The tinned fish is relatively simple, save for the Gilda which consists of anchovies, green olives, cocktail onions, and banana peppers. There’s also a vegetable-focused fresh and fermented menu.

Specialty gin and tonics dominate the drink menu, including a few on draft — including the tasty Dawn on Detroit with rhubarb-lavender tonic at the time of writing. Frozen drinks, available as floats for an extra $2, and no- to low-ABV options round out the simple menu.

Currently, Supergeil runs two happy hours, one from 4pm to 6pm and another from 10pm to close.

Find it at 2442 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216.

[Featured image: Supergeil Facebook]

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