Indoor Dining At 50% Capacity Begins Friday

Jessica Ramos Jessica Ramos

Indoor Dining At 50% Capacity Begins Friday

Starting Friday, March 5th, indoor dining can be at 50%, or 100 people.

Detroit restaurants have been feeling the pain of 25% capacity for indoor dining since the recent reopening. With more than 3,000 restaurants permanently closed, the hospitality industry has been hit hard. But hopefully that pain will start to ease in the upcoming months. Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced on Tuesday that the capacity for indoor dining can increase to 50%, or 100 people starting this Friday, March 5th. This new executive order will remain through Monday, April 19th.

Whitmer announced the changes to the current executive order set by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services during a Tuesday press conference. This is a change from the recent announcement that the 25% limit would be in effect until March 29th, but that’s now changed, a surprising move ahead of St. Patrick’s Day Weekend which is normally a busy day for bars. A curfew is still in place for 11pm.

Many hospitality workers have yet to be vaccinated, although this is also something Whitmer has addressed, as vaccines have become available to food and agricultural workers starting the 1st. It seems restaurant owners are taking all the precautions and regulations put in place seriously for the sake of their staff and guests. Tables are still to be six feet apart and masks should be worn at all times while moving inside the restaurant.


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