A First Look At The Detroit Zoo’s New Twin Polar Bear Cubs

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A First Look At The Detroit Zoo’s New Twin Polar Bear Cubs

The Detroit Zoo welcomes two healthy polar bear cubs to the zoo for the first time since 2004, and they’re so cute!

The Detroit Zoo welcomed two new Polar bear cubs on November 17th, 2020, and released the first photos today. The two cubs, born to parents’ Suka and Nuka, don’t have names just yet, but hopefully something suiting will come along soon. The twins were born in a private maternity den away from the other bears thats’s equipped with an infrared camera to monitor them while also giving the new mom space. Suka had birthed cubs before on separate occasions, but neither survived after a few days.

One of the polar bear cubs is getting special care after showing signs of inactivity a few days after she was born. While she gets her round-the-clock care, and has now been moved to a playpen for monitoring, Suka and the other cub are close. Suka has been attentive to her cub by grooming and cuddling him. The Zoo still hasn’t decided if they’re going to reintroduce the separated cub to Suka and her brother yet, but she will be introduced to other polar bears when the time is right.

With Suka raising one cub and a team of humans raising another, the Zoo sees an opportunity to learn how the difference in care will play into the cubs’ development. The zoo is tracking their developmental milestones closely. Both cubs’ eyes now open and their teeth coming in. They’re also learning to take their first steps! So cute.

The polar bear cubs are currently not viewable by guests as they are cared for behind-the-scenes. To learn more about their progress, make sure to stay tuned to the Detroit Zoo Instagram where they’re rolling out photos and stories of the cubs.


featured image via facebook / detroitzoo