This Madison Heights Restaurant Has A Cute Robot Server

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Robot server Madison Heights: Meet Bella at Noodle Topia

The future is now!

Look out for this robot server in the Detroit metro area.

The delicious hand-pulled noodles spot Noodle Topia in Madison Heights recently welcomed a robot server named Bella. Bella is a catlike robot created by the Chinese robotics company Pudu Robotics. Her catlike appearance is part of Bella’s charm: customers can stroke Bella behind her ears to be rewarded with a purr — but pet her too long and she’ll get irritable.

At Noodle Topia, servers load food onto one of Bella’s four trays, enter table numbers, and Bella transports the food to tables. Customers (after snapping a video of their futuristic robotic server) are prompted to find their food on the correct tray, and hit the confirm button to send the robot back to the kitchen to do it all again.

Though robot servers might seem like a threat to human restaurant staff, Bella is still heavily dependent on real servers: she can’t deliver Noodle Topia’s famous noodle soup dishes, for example. She also can’t take orders, handle cash, or answer human diners’ questions, so she serves mostly to assist existing staff.

The Pudu BellaBot has also been adopted by restaurants in the Czech Republic, Canada, and China.

Find it at Noodle Topia at 30120 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071.

[Featured image: Pudu Robotics Facebook]