27 Fantastic Things To Do In March In Detroit

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27 Fantastic Things To Do In March In Detroit

Spring is on its way!

We’re trying not to get flashbacks of last March, and instead look towards a brighter one. So let’s get ready for things like cherry blossoms, spring flowers, and warmer weather. There’s a lot to look forward to and plenty of safe ways to enjoy the city as we transition into spring. So here’s 16 things to do in Detroit this month ranging from unique culinary experiences, to a brand new selfie museum, to a new East African restaurant.

1. Amplify your Tastebuds With This Sensory Experience

Imagine experiencing an amplified sense of taste and smell as the rest of your senses are obscured in darkness. That’s the sensory experience that Dining In the Dark allows for. After being blindfolded and escorted to your table, sit down to an extravagant four-course meal you and your friends will likely never forget, and let your tastebuds indulge in a new foodie experience like no other.

2. Get Your Selfie Game On At This Interactive Installation

[by Gabriella S. Caspao via [trackLink link_url="https://www.adroitphotography.biz/"]adroitphotography.biz[/trackLink]
The selfie is still going strong, but we’ve moved into the year of the elevated selfie. That’s what The Pose Experience in Downtown Detroit offers at its interactive installation and museum for Instagram-worthy photos. Take a selfie in the ‘Boss Babe’ room complete with a desk, coffee mug, and other pink decor. Or pretend you’ve traveled to Bali, Indonesia (ah, we miss traveling) in the ‘Bali Room’ complete with pink neon and tropical plants.

3. Check Out America’s Largest Indoor Waterfall

[by krishna.amirineni via Instagram]

You may have been to the One Campus Martius Building, but you may not have realized that the waterfall and art installation there actually holds the Guinness Book of World Records for Tallest Indoor Waterfall. The Kite Art Installation was also designed by the same creators of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas!

4. Try East African Food At The Newly Opened Baobab Fare

facebook / baobabfare

Baobab Fare is the newly opened East African restaurant serving dishes like Nyumbani, which is beef stew served with rice pilao or coconut rice, plantains, and spinach cooked in peanut oil, or their speciality coffee straight from a small village in Burundi. We also included nine other new Black-owned restaurants coming soon, so keep an eye out for updates.

5. Try Guy Fieri’s Brand New Ghost Kitchen

The concept of ghost kitchens is a truly exciting one, so it’s no surprise that the Mayor of Flavortown, Mr. Guy Fieri himself, ran with the concept. His ghost kitchen, suitably titled ‘Guy’s Flavortown Kitchen’ is the perfect place to get cheesy, melty, crunchy goodness between two buns or on top of some crispy, golden fries. And he’s apparently expanding his ghost kitchen to different parts of Detroit, so make sure to order on their website.

6-16. Try Out A Speciality Coffee At One Of These Roasters

For some, a cup of coffee is like an exploration of different parts of the world. Africa, Latin America, or Asia. For others, it’s the only way to start a cold winter day. No matter the type of coffee drinker you are, here a few we think you’ll love:

17-27. Check Out One Of These Amazing Pieces Of Public Art Throughout The City

A legend passed away in Detroit this year. Charles McGee, a prominent Detroit artist, was known for his work displayed proudly throughout Detroit. In honor of his memory, we decided to highlight 10 Black artists whose art has brought some of Detroit’s unique character to the city streets. You can see all the work and where to find them here. We’d recommend grabbing a craft coffee and making a day of it.



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