PHOTOS: Belle Isle Looks Like A Scene From A Sci-Fi Movie

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PHOTOS: Belle Isle Looks Like A Scene From A Sci-Fi Movie

The ice at Belle Isle looks otherworldly this year!

Detroiters are used to Belle Isle being a winter escape, but this year, it looks more like a deserted landscape from another planet. A part of Belle Isle is covered in ice and parts of the lake are frozen over, leading to some new types of winter activities. The weather hasn’t been all that different from last year, but Belle Isle is particularly cold and quiet this year without the normal activities. Instead, some Detroiters have been out taking photos of the ice and have gotten some rather otherworldly shots. A local got some amazing shots on the East Shore behind the Lighthouse.

photos by _more_again via Instagram

Another person was able to catch what the other side of the ice. In the video, you can see the shards of ice and snow in the foreground with a pair of eagles floating down the Detroit river in the background.

That’s not the only icy looking thing that Detroit is used to seeing in Belle Isle. They’ve also got the Ice Tree tradition that has been going strong for the couple of years. This year though, it hasn’t seemed to crop up yet.

It’s been a bit warmer today, so the snow has likely already begun to melt, so if you do head to Belle Isle, take special precautions.


[featured image by Morgan Parr]

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